Our History

Founded in 1951, Nashville Plywood, Inc. is recognized as the oldest plywood distributor in Middle Tennessee. C. S. Marker and R.E. Rivers were partners in a business they started in the 1940’s called Nashville Showcase Company. They made display cases for Union Ice Cream Co., back bars for drug stores, and display cases for customers like Cain Sloan department stores.

During the late 1940’s and early 1950’s plywood and other building materials became scarce in Nashville. Mr. Marker traveled to the west coast and bought train carloads of plywood he could ship to Nashville. During a slow period for the fixture business, Mr. Marker and Mr. Rivers sold some of the plywood to individuals.

As word and demand for the plywood spread, the store fixture manufacturer quickly became a plywood supplier. They changed the name to Nashville Plywood Company in May of 1951 and became the first plywood distributor in the area.

In the early 1960’s Bob Huddleston bought the business and operated it until Wynton Overstreet purchased it in 1992.  Nashville Plywood, Inc. is focused on being a solutions driven company and premier distributor of plywood, lumber, and other quality wood products and cabinet supplies.

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